Corona Virus Guidelines

From 29 March 2021, Tennis Coaching is allowed to resume.  We ask that all clients adhere to the following guidelines to keep you and our coaches safe. 

Home & Club Coaching Coaching

  1. Before Playing

    • We can't come to your home or coach you at a club, if anyone in your household has suspected symptoms of CV or is in isolation or has been in contact with CV in the last 14days.  

  2. Preparing to Play

    • Coaches will park and go directly to the court. Ideally they will not enter the house.

    • All parties must wash their hands before & after playing.

  3. When Playing​

    • Lessons will be structured on opposite sides of the net with changing ends to be avoided where possible. 

    • Social distance of 2metres must be maintained at all times and with no physical contact.

    • Balls: We can't be sure if a tennis ball can transmit COVID-19.  For max protection we will continue to operate with the Coach being the only person to touch the balls where at all possible. For Serving we ask clients to provide their own balls. 

  4. After Playing

    • Payment to be made electronically for safety reasons.

    • All parties to wash hands before & after playing.

Tennis Court