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The Qlipp is a fabulous piece of cutting edge technology that WILL IMPROVE YOUR GAME! 


QLIPP™, the Ultimate Tennis Performance Sensor, is the lightest most portable tennis sensor in the market to date. Its patent pending technology offers measurements and video capture of your strokes, spin, speed and sweet spot accuracy. Data is wirelessly transferred and displayed in real time on the QLIPP™ app, which will be available for both iPhone and Android devices. Save each session for future reference, or compare your performance with friends’.

Put simply.... you attach it to your tennis racket and bluetooth it to your phone/ipad. Then every time you hit a shot it will tell you the spin, speed, where you hit it on the strings, acceleration and on and on! You can also VIDEO your game and see the stats for every shot you hit! Amazing! 


Kate has been using this with her clients and has amazing results. Its simple to use and gives instant feedback. 


Features & Benefits

Lightest tennis performance sensor at 8g

Only sensor that allows you to easily attach to any tennis racket with a simple twist and lock

Doubles as a dampener
Record, playback and review every stroke in slow motion
Real-time feedback with voice control options
Analyze your game: Record every stroke and see detailed stats of your topspin, speed and sweet spot accuracy for every session
Save your stats to review your progress
Normally retail at £110 so take advantage of special discount for Tennis Angels clients.

Qlipp Tennis Sensor

£80.00 Regular Price
£65.00Sale Price
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