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These fun Rakart Junior Rackets come in all sizes from 17" through to 25" (3-12yrs!). Their unique white design comes with loads of stickers so that your kid can decorate the racket themselves! 

When ordering please just state age of kid and we will send the right size racket for them! These are just fantastic! 

  • Rackets sizes from 17" to 25".
  • For ages 3 to 12 years.


How to to create your own RaKart masterpiece!

  • Start with a Pure White RaKart Racket.
  • Add Stickers provided in your headcover pocket or stickers of your own.
  • Or you can also use permanent pens or paints (not provided).
  • Personalise the Headcover adding your name and telephone number.
  • No more lost rackets or covers!
  • You are now a qualified RaKartist..!

Karakal RaKart Junior Tennis Racket, 25,23,21,19,17 inch

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